As fuel prices at set to rise again Volkswagen may just have the answer.

Exchange rates for the Pound compared to the US dollar and Euro means that we may be set for yet more fuel price rises. As we all look for ways to make our money go further Volkswagen may just have found the solution. The Government is under pressure to halt increases in fuel duty however this can only ever be a limited option. As our plants natural resources deplete we will all have to start to pay more for our energy and our fuel.

Many manufacturer’s Volkswagen included are under pressure to design leaner, meaner and more reliable cars that use just a fraction of the fuel our current cars do. naturally Volkswagen is proactive in searching for the answer and they may just have found it!

This is because Volkswagen the German super Giant has confirmed production of a vehicle that will be able to have a fuel consumption of 313 mpg.

The Volkswagen XKi will be approximately the same size as the current Volkswagen Polo but will be able to cover up to 30 miles on a single plug in ch with a total range of 300 miles.arge

Volkswagen has crated the car with the very latest aerodynamics which will produce a drag co-efficiency of just 0.19. It will be powered by a 0.8  48 BHP engine and a 27BHP electric power system.

The seven speed dual clutch will help to deliver a combined fuel consumption of 0.9l – 100km on the combined cycle. This works out to be around 313mpg and CO2 emissions of 21g/km.

The Volkswagen Super car  will weigh just 795kg and it will have a top speed of 100mph.

It will also be able to complete 0-62mph in 12.7 seconds.

As yet Volkswagen has not confirmed if the vehicle will be available as a right hand drive car,  the number of vehicles it will produce for the Uk market or exactly how much it will cost.