Based on the Wild 501 brake horsepower concept from the previous year, Volvo is to produce the S60 Polestar. Initially, the vehicle will only be on offer in restricted numbers and only for the Australian car market, though it could come to be offered in other places if the demand appears to be sufficient. The most obvious change from the Concept to the Production S60 polestar is the power. While the car is still powered by a 3.0 litre turbocharged inline 6 engine, the maximum output for the vehicle is down by 150 brake horsepower, to 350 brake horsepower.

What does the new S60 Polestar offer?

It remains rather extensively modified however over the S60 T6, with a new intercooler,  a stainless steel racing exhaust and an ECU remap. The new Polestar S60 offers over 369lb of Torque, which is a higher figure than the Audi RS4 and the BMW M3. The vehicle also claims a 0-62 miles per hour time of 4.9 seconds. Top speeds for the car is 155 miles per hour. The production S60 polestar has actually retained a lot of the suspension upgrades that were shown in the concept. Along with 80% stiffer springs and adjustable ohline dampers, the car has added upgraded toe links, a strut brace to boost handling performance, new top mounts and improved stabilisers.

What else can we expect with the S60 Polestar?

The overhaul of the dynamics of the vehicle is completed with bespoke wheels. There are ventilated discs all around which provide stopping power. Jurid pads also feature on the front whilst Brembos feature at the rear.

There are a number of visual clues when it comes to the s60’s performance flagship status. The S60 gets a more aggressive look due to the bodykit which includes a front bumper and rear diffuser. The logo of the company is also found on badges all around the body of the vehicle. The interior also features a production number plaque, along with more polestar badges.