The Swedish Giant Volvo has set a record record in safety for a hybrid new car in the latest Euro NCAP results.

Volvo has a reputation of building solid and safe new car’s and trucks and this is fantastic news for the brand.

We have long been advocates of customers understanding the real importance of the Euro NCAP testing and results. Euro NCAP have for many years been instrumental in raising customers awareness of the various tests that they conduct.

Euro Ncaps work is not simply a matter of crashing various new car’s in different scenario’s and measuring impact as they have also been concentrating on the causes of whiplash. There work as been influential in manufacturers investing billions into making our new cars, vans, and other vehicles safer for both us , our passengers and other road users.

Since 2009 Euro NCAP has released these results and even have a web based system which allows you to compare levels of safety as well as finding you just how safe your new car is. Their work and research has pushed customer focus and therefore manufacturers emphasis on safety.

There work has meant that heaven forbid if you are involved in an accident then you are much more likely to walk away and any pedestrians involved have a much higher rate of not being fatally injured.

The Star rating is a coveted badge of honor for many manufacturers and something which while it will comes as no surprise will be a reaffirmation to Volvo and many other new car buyers.

The tests are broken down into categories and the new Volvo V60 Hybrid set records in all.

  1. Adult occupant rating of 93%
  2. Child occupant 83%
  3. Pedestrian 65%
  4. Safety assist 100%.
This is fantastic newa for Volvo and comes in the wake of ¬†Volvo’s release of new autonomous driving systems.

As we expected the launch Volvo V60 Hybrid vehicles which where originally limited to just 1000 units have already been sold out.

Volvo naturally wanting to capitalise on the sale of the new car’s and have increased production to between four and six thousands models in 2014.