Volvo constantly strives to improve safety and they think this time they may have the solution.

Volvo the Swedish brand is claiming that by 2020 they will be in a position to produce a new car which will not be able to kill or seriously hurt passengers or other road users.

This follows a study by Volvo to celebrate the 30th birthday of the compulsory use of of seat belts which came into force on the 31st of January 1983.

During that time it is estimated that the use of seat belts have saved over 60,000 lives.

In fact Volvo have a reputation for no-nonsense safety and reliability and recently set records for N-CAP ratings for hybrid cars with the Volvo V60.

The study however showed that the general public do not think that road safety can completely eradicate road traffic accidents.

The study commissioned by Volvo also showed that most of us would openly welcome safety improvements with some of the drivers saying that they would also consider a car that drove itself.

  1. More than half of the 1184 drivers polled would also be happy to drive a car on autonomous autopilot.
  2. Just under half would like to see more protection for other road users on all cars.
  3. Over half want all round cameras fitted to vehicles

Contrary to popular belief just over a third of drivers thought that the speeds should then be increased in line with safety improvements.

A spokes person for Volvo is reported to have said “As a nation of sceptic’s, it is perhaps not surprising the majority of British motorists think the introduction of vehicles which make accidents virtually a thing of the past is not possible but I have every faith in Volvo to prove them wrong.”

We genuinely hope that Volvo can deliver as we like many members of the general public would hope one day for road traffic accidents to be very much a thing of the past.