What Car as long been a source of information for UK drivers with news and reviews and buying guides.

In fact we have been singing the praises of What Car’s depreciation calculator for a long time.

While no-one can ever say will absolute certainty exactly how much a vehicle will be worth over a period of time, the experts at What Car have used all their accumulative knowledge and current trends to predict what a car could be worth at the end of a set period of time. While the What Car calculator it is not for the faint hearted it can and really does help when considering claim limits for gap insurance.

The good news is that What Car have done it again!

This time What Car have turned their expertise to fuel economy.

Traditionally we have had to rely on economy figures produced by the manufactures. While we are not suggesting that these could be inaccurate the manufacture will naturally conduct the tests in a controlled environment.

We do not drive in a controlled environment and we  don’t  know anyone that does so relying on manufactures figure can leave prospect owners unhappy with the actual fuel consumption figures they get.

This is backed up by What Car ‘ s finding which in most cases are a lot lower then the already published manufactures guides.

What Car  found some of the biggest differences where with the BMW 118 which was 15.6 miles less than Bmw own figures but one of the biggest differences was the KIA Picanto with a Public figure of 26.10 miles less than What cars findings.

But as always there where winners too with the Mercedes S350 which was within one mile of the published figures.

We think that this can only be a good thing as buyers will be able to get real life fuel consumptions figures. What they choose to do with the information and i they chose to include it in any buying decision is up to them but a least they will have the choice.

So thanks again What Car!