Lets take this opportunity to set the record straight you do not have to buy gap insurance.

No dealership or finance house can ever make taking gap insurance a form of any acceptance.

If you choose to and we make no secret we think it is a good way to protect yourself you do not have to buy gap insurance before you take delivery.

When should you buy gap insurance?

When should you buy gap insurance?

In most cases customers think that they have to buy gap insurance before they collect their vehicle  but this is simply no true.  A quick Google search and you will be able to find many gap insurance suppliers who can provide you with cover up to 180 days after you have taken delivery.

In fact some even allow you to defer the start date for up ro 12 months , ( normally to coincide with the end of your own new for old motor insurance  cover.)

We speak to thousands of customers who tell us the horror stories that they have been told about how load loaders follow you home from the garage and steal your car, and lots more other nasty scenarios.

The basic and honest truth is that things can and do happen at any time and until you have some form of gap insurance cover in place you run the risk of being liable for any shortfalls or out of pocket expenses.

But that is your risk to take, your choice to make.

The most critical aspect is the magic 180 days after delivery. The reason is that  we have not come across a gap insurance supplier yet how can offer the more comprehensive levels of cover such as return to invoice or vehicle replacement after this time.

This means that which ever type of gap insurance you buy instead of protect the invoice price or replacement cost your vehicle is revalued and what ever that valuation is is the maxim that you can protect.

So to summarize when should you buy gap insurance, well that is up to you just as long as you understand that 180 days after delivery may be too late.