Which Gap Insurance review has been updated.

Which is already well known for their endless work for consumer rights and industry inside help and hints. So when ever Which carry out any form of a re-view it is a really big opportunity to find real, unbiased, independent information.

Which do not have any affiliation with any supplier and instead simply carry out reviews, not onlly on insurance backed items but also white goods and a whole range of other products. In fact Which consumer test everything from washing powder and dish washer tablets to credit cards.

Our website sponsors Easy-Gap and Gap Insurance 123 are proud to have been mentioned in the Which Gap insurance review for the second year running.

The Which Gap Insurance review explains about various levels of cover how they work and what they could do to help you  and then highlights a list of  independent suppliers.

In the 2013 Which Gap Insurance Review not only where both of Aequitas Automotive Limited brands mentioned but again for the second year running Gap Insurance 123 was constantly the most competitively priced.

A spokes person for Aequitas Automotive Limited Mark Griffiths told us ” We are honored to have again been mentioned in the Which Gap insurance review for the second year running. We totally appreciate the hard work that Which and Which Money have done in highlighting the various levels of cover that members of the public can chose from and also illustrating the monetary savings that can be made when buying online.”

The Which Gap Insurance review was complied independently with quotations taken on the 20th march 2013.

So before you buy Gap Insurance from any one at any cost why not read the Which Gap insurance review after all while policy terms and conditions have to be the most important aspect of buying any policy, value for money has to be a consideration!