When it comes to gap insurance or any form of insurance for that matter it is always important to make sure that all the “i’s ” and all the “t’s ” are crossed.

So it is really important to register your Gap Insurance policy correctly.

In an ideal world this would be very easy.

In an ideal world we would all buy a new car and register it in our own name and pay for it in full with a spare £10,000, £20,000 or £30,000 that we have in the bank.

Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world.

This means that it is perfectly normal to for a spouse to buy a car in one name, use motor insurance discounts from your partner and finance it in any combination.

So how does this affect you and your gap insurance policy?

As you know it is important to read your gap insurance policy and totally understand the terms and conditions before you buy any form of cover on line.  You will notice as you read through any policy that it will state that somewhere that you must be the registered keeper, named on the insurance and that any finance should also be in your name.

So what can you do if you are like the thousands of other members of the public who are unfortunately not in this position does it mean that you can not have gap insurance?

If you are husband and wife and live at the same address you can simply buy gap insurance and register it in joint names. This is providing that you are both named on the insurance in some way. After all there will already be many many financial links possibility a mortgage , may be personal loans.

The advantage of registering your gap insurance the policy in both names is also that should you ever need to make a claim or alter or amend the policy either.