If you are shopping around for motorbike gap insurance you may be surprised to find that in some cases it can cost a lot more than other forms of cover.  So why is this and why should the motorbike gap premium you are quoted be in some cases double the cost of an averaged priced car.

Motorbike gap insurance just like any other form of cover or insurance for that matter is all about risk.

This very risk is why you motorbike buy gap insurance after all. you want to ensure that if your motor bike is written off that you are not left out of pocket. As far as the insurance company is concerned you are in effect paying them to take the risk.

The insurance company will base the price that you are charged on the likelihood of you making a claim, and how much on average that claim will cost them.

After all if you are more likely to make a motorbike gap insurance claim it will cost the respective insurance company more.

Our policy is always to be honest, and the cold harsh facts are that if you own a motor bike you are more likely than a car driver to have your bike written off.

This is not because as a motorbike driver you are any worse a driver instead there are other factors.

The fact that your motorbike is by nature easier for would be criminal elements of society to take advantage of. For example did you know that the is an estimated 1.4 million motorbikes on the UK roads at the moment and according to recent predictions nearly 45 % will be stolen. Out of the 45% with are stolen nearly half will never be recovered.

The attraction of a motorbike is the ultimate freedom and flexibility however this design also means that even minor impact will cause your motorbike more damage.

A higher risk of a claim normally means a higher motorbike gap insurance policy price.

But this is not always that case as some motorbike gap insurance providers can absorb the increase, so the lesson to be learned is shop around, read the policies and make your own informed choices.