Christmas is coming and we all have memories of the last years harsh winter. The met office has already issued weather warnings in many parts of the UK. It does not seem that long ago that the country was ground to a halt with snow. The images of queues of traffic stuck on motorways for hours. Abandoned vehicles and airports.

Winter is comming

Winter is coming

I still shudder when I think of a near miss I had last winter when by 4×4 would not  stop and skidded into a bust T junction at rush hour.

A very busy city centre T junction at 5.45 pm. No I was not speeding I had been driving at less than 10 miles per hour.  Black ice. I was very lucky, Very Very lucky. Saying that by the number of car horns and shouting not everyone was that happy.

But it is too easy to forget that your car can be a very dangerous piece of machinery and just like you it has to be fit and ready for winter conditions.

So before the winter really sets in why not get your car checked

  • battery,
  • brakes,
  • thermostat
  • heater.

Check your local garage as some offer a free winter health check. Its not a service but they will check the very basic items. Your tyres those small bits of black rubber are even more important in winter weather as they are ultimately the connection between you and the road.  Even though the legal tyre limit is 1.6mm if possible don’t let them get this low.

Don’t forget to pack something warm for you to, as if you are left stranded remember that your vehicles temperature will plummet very quickly. Metal does not retain heat and leaving your engine running for hours is not ideal after all the very last thing you want it to be stranded for hours and then run our of fuel.

If you check all of these areas before the worst of the weather hits, you and your car should be able to cope with the winter months.