For most people, once their car is stolen, they accept the fact that it is hardly likely they are ever going to see it again, try and come to terms with it, say goodbye and move on. Although it is not advised for anyone to try, the heroic actions of a woman from Lacey in Washington, have shocked people worldwide and ended up all across the internet.

Woman saw her stolen car as she drove past a car park

Batriz Pardo, who is 50, found herself the subject of vehicle theft, like many others. However, unlike many others, whilst driving past a car park  in her hometown, she thought she noticed her car parked in there, the car which had been stolen five days previously. So, deciding that she wasn’t about to carry on minding her own business and going against everything that would probably be advised to her, Batriz decided that she was going to get her car back. She confronted the thieves, who were a woman and men working together in car theft and she demanded that they give her the keys to the car. Naturally they refused, so Pardo then took hold of the female member of the duo and put her finger into her back, pretending that she had a gun. She threatened the female thief that if she did not get the keys to the car back then she would shoot her.

Batriz was not about to let her car go again

She later explained that it was her car and her chance to get it back, she had no intention of letting it go. So the thieves handed the cars back, along with a keyring which held a photo of her son, under the pretense that they were about to be shot for their actions. Police did congratulate Pardo for her heroic and extremely brave actions, although they said that they would not advise anybody else to try this kind of stunt themselves. Although this was a success, it is never clear what kind of people you are going to be dealing with, it would be far more sensible to just inform the police. Though it is highly unlikely that many people would stumble over their car after it had been missing for over a week.